"Matchday Meal Plan"- as featured in the Dagenham & Redbridge Official Matchday Progra

Tackle that beer belly and give that stubborn belly fat the boot, with this Matchday meal prep for fans.

Starting the warm up - Breakfast.

Slice an Avocado into two halves and volley the seed in the bin. Crack an egg in each half and add salt & chilli flakes, then whip it into the microwave for two minutes. Hear the whistle (ping) and it`s go time. Protein and good fats will keep you fuller for longer, as opposed to sugary carbs, while will leave you craving more sugar throughout the day.

When you`re on the way to the game, grab a banana for some slow releasing carbs you can eat on the go, rather than a chocolate bar, which gives you a huge sugar rush and a relatively quick sugar low after. Imagine a banana is your Berbatov, slow but effective, whereas your chocolate bar is your Walcott, fast but wasted on the final cross. Also leave a bag of cashew nuts in the car for a snack if you get caught in traffic on the way home.

Kick-off is near and we are raring to go, diet on point and we are full of energy to spur on the Daggers.

Half time approaches and the smell of the burger van is enticing you over. Grab a bottle of water to keep you hydrated (plus it gives you a fuller feeling without scoffing your face). You want to look like Christiano Ronaldo not the Brazilian legend Ronaldo, so let`s keep the portion size under control. If you want a hot dog, don`t choose the processed rubbish, go for proper sausage in a bun and ditch the fried onions. A burger won`t be the worst option considering its grilled but don`t cover it in sauce.

Second half is starting so get back to your seat and enjoy the footy. Little tip, when sitting down try not to slouch. Roll your shoulders back as if you`re going to control the ball on your chest. Keep your back straight and suck in your gut by drawing your belly button in. Correcting your posture and tightening your core muscles will put you on the path to a flatter stomach.

Caught in traffic trying to get home and feeling a bit peckish? Lucky we prepared for this moment - "tactics my friend". We`ve got cashews in the glove box, grab a Petr Cech handful and snack on them on your way home.

Finally home and we aren`t sending out the subs for a take away - no, no, no! We are more organised than Barcelona`s midfield today. Let`s get dinner on the go. Any meat you like, with dark green veg and a scoop of sweet potato and you`re onto a winner.

Match of the day review - 10 out of 10!

Written by Craig Honey @ Resultsinaflash.co.uk

For further Nutritional advice/Diet plans or Personal Training in your home contact me on 07957553491

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