Whats better...Instagram or Real Personal trainer?


Right so you been on Instagram, followed a few fitness junkies, found a workout they just posted and decided you and your bestie are going to smash gym tonight!

You get there and half way through your awesome routine someone is on the machine you need to use....bummer. Now that`s the whole routine ruined because you didn`t have a back up or alternative so you wait until they finished tagging there-self on Facebook, do there last set or 3 then you move onto that machine feeling a little less motivated because you been standing around for 10 mins. Well the benefits of a Personal Trainer is their vast knowledge of how the muscles work and what movement is required to activate them allows them to switch up a routine at the drop of a hat to keep you motivated continuously until the end of the session.

There is no need to keep checking your phone after every set to see whats coming next (especially with Instagram where you have to watch the whole video because they don`t have fast forward) Training with a trainer means you can switch off from all the daily stresses of work/life and not even need to think about what your going to do next, as they will have already planned it out for you.

How many times has the video said do 20 reps and you stop at 15 because your a little tired? but hey, no one is watching you so you can get away with it. Not when a Trainer is watching, you can swear at him/her as much as you like your still getting those 20 reps out.

The most popular questions asked by beginner gym goers is :

1) Am i doing it right?

2) Where am i supposed to feel that?

Now you can try Messaging Miss 20K followers or Mr.Fitness bod of the year these questions but you may have to wait a while for a response whereas your PT who has dedicated the whole hour to you, can answer all your questions straight away.

All the above are valid reasons to choose a trainer over social media however i`ve saved my Personal Favourite for last.

Encouragement from a person can get you doing things you didn`t think you were capable of and congratulate you when you complete them, thats something technology cant compete with.

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