Top up your fitness tan

It has arrived! Bursting through your window at 6am and lasting all day is that glorious sunshine, so lets take advantage of that. It can be a chore getting a workout in before work when its pitch black outside or even worse when you have worked throughout the day only to travel home and see it fade in the distance as you walk into your local sweat box. Say good bye to those excuses because weather your the early bird or the night owl, that glorious sunshine is still there for you.

We all feel more motivated come summer time but its your job to make the most of it.

Why not top up your fitness tan by:

Going on a bike ride, going for a run, play sports, go for walks....the list goes on!

Regular training regimes are great for developing a routine in all round weathers but if you have the chance to catch some rays while you play then take a step away from the norm and opt for outdoor physical activities if you can.

Sports are great forms of exercise because we are working out without even realising it.

No set amount of reps, no time limits, no clock watching, just hours of fun whilst keeping active.

I imagine Weekends are your "Rest Days" , well that all changes now.

Combine socialising with exercising-

*Call the lads for a game of footy over the park

*Go for a run with your partner through the woods

*Take the kids to the beach for some water sports

Life isn't about spending hours and hours in the gym, its about enjoying the body your in!

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