Do you want to Lose weight or Lose Fat?

Do you want to lose weight or lose fat?

If your thinking what`s the difference, well I am going to explain it to you.


Losing weight is fairly easy just eat less and you will lose weight, but the problem with that is the weight you lose is a mixture of muscle, fat & water so even if the scales say you are going down that doesn't necessarily mean you look better and without the proper nutrition you probably wont feel much better either.



Losing Fat is what changes your body shape and leaves you looking and feeling great. Reducing your body fat whilst preserving or even gaining some muscle mass is the real goal and even though the scales may only drop a small percentage or sometimes stay the same, your friends and family will really notice the positive changes to your body.


Now you are going to ask how do I lose fat instead of lose weight.... well this is the more complicated bit.

It`s not as simple as starving yourself and going to the gym a few times a week.

-You need to follow a healthy eating plan that involves consuming the right amount of calories for your goal. Not too high that your body doesn't burn it up and it stores as fat and not too low that your body starts using muscle for fuel.

-You need a structured weight training program that focuses on strength training. This is going to help you build lean muscle. The more lean muscle you carry the more calories your body burns at rest.

- You need to be patient! Don't expect miracles in your first week however don't give up because you are not seeing instant results. Slow and steady wins the race. Set yourself a long term goal then smaller goals to achieve along the way to keep you on track.

How do I know if I am losing weight or losing fat?

The majority of my clients come to me focused on what the scales say and become down heartened if they only lose a pound or 2 a week. Here is what that looks like.

Now imagine taking that off your hips or off your gut..... big difference right.

I personally tell my clients to avoid the scales and get them to focus on measurements. I use a tape measure to see where their body is losing fat (Chest, Hips, Waist, Thigh, Arms)

A pretty clear indication your body is changing shape is how your clothes fit. Jeans that were too tight now fit great.

Hopefully now you understand the difference between the two and when it comes to setting your goals you are able to make the right choice which is really going to help change your body.

Best of luck.

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