Workout buddy

Who is going to motivate your more than your best friend who is in the exact same situation as you? You both want to lose weight, you both want to get fit, you both want to increase muscle mass. Whatever your goals are we all have that one friend that wants similar results. Take advantage of that and join the gym with your new workout buddy.

Go to some classes together :

-spin is a great cardio workout

-pump is a great way to get started with weights

Book some Group Personal Training sessions:

-similar to a fitness class just more personal

-more specific workouts tailored to your goals

Group training has always been popular as it can be sociable as well as motivating. That doesn`t mean chat about all your problems and spend a whole hour on the treadmill gossiping, be efficient with your time and spur on your partner. One sure way to get those feel good endorphins going is to get through a killer circuit and high five your workout buddy at the end of it. It genuinely makes you feel good when you break a new record or just get a major sweat on and you can laugh and joke with your workout partner in the process.

Boxing is a great example of a high intensity workout that leaves you feeling breathless but buzzing at the same time, try out a boxercise class or book a boxing orientated personal training session.

If your workouts are fun you are more likely to stay consistent with training and less likely to find excuses not to go. Plus you wouldn`t want to let your friend down so you make more of an effort to go to the gym.

So ditch the headphones and start enjoying training together.

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